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If you are looking for the  fastest way to explore the city, and You want to get to know all of its secrets, hidden streets, if You want to experience Umag and it˙s way of life, taking this tour is best decision You can make. In a 1 or 2 hours tour. You will become a professional Segway driver, and You will know so many things and facts about Umag. And best of all, this tour saves your time, your energy, releases you from stress, and will provide You unique experience that You wont forget!

Tour description:

Starting point from Stella Maris Resort or Hotel where you stand, Segway riding school, when you learn how to ride we begin with the tour. When we finished we go back to the starting point.



Tour length: approximately 60 minutes. Price – 33 € , 250KN

Tour length: approximately 90 minutes. Price – 44 € , 330KN

Tour length: approximately 120 minutes. Price – 55 € , 420KN