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In the competitive world of business and industry, companies need to maintain an edge that differentiates themselves from their competition. Segway Promotions provides a powerful marketing  and highly effective advantage over your competitors, capable of bringing your business to the next level. This breakthrough in the advertisement industry allows companies all over the world to succeed in their advertisement campaigns and enhance their Marketing strategies and increase sales.

Through their mobility and attention Segways allow advertisements to reach various audiences, you can promote on the streets as well as at indoor events, no matter where you are. You can also expose your brand to a bigger audience as it is capable of covering a larger territory than most promotions can cover. And last, but not least, being a new invention, Segways attracts people’s attention wherever you are, which enormously increases the chances of your advertisement being seen.

Promotion – 190 EUR

Coordinator (1 day) – 55 EUR

Advertising mantle – 70 EUR